How to Clear/Delete the Cache?

1. Clean up the cache of a single profile:

 Open profile settings  -> Click "Other configurations"  -> Open related options in "local cache" -> Save

2. Clean up the cache of multiple profiles:

a. Select multiple browsers to batch clear cache

Select multiple browsers at the same time (same as excel multi-select) -> Right-click and select "Empty profile local cache directory" -> Clear cache

b. Batch opening of created browsers

 Select multiple browsers at the same time -> Right-click and select "Batch edit selected profile" -> Cache synchronization settings -> Open related options in "Edit cache settings"-> Save

3. VMLogin client home page" Cache Cleanup" clears all browser cache data globally. It does not clear cookie account data but only cache data.


When clearing the cache, disable the Synchronization Settings button. Because the "local cache" function is in front of the "Sync settings" function, they are in mutual conflict, so choose either-or.