Browser Stuck, Slow Loading Webpage?

First, please confirm whether is the VMLogin software stuck or the browser webpage stuck.

1. If VMLogin software is stuck, please upgrade computer hardware configurations. Generally, common computers are very smooth to use.

2. If the web page loads slowly, there are two general cases: no proxy IP is set in the browser and proxy IP is set.

No proxy IP is set: 

The speed of the browser network depends on local network speed. If the domestic network is used, the overseas web page cannot be opened.

Proxy is set:

(1) You need to check whether the network connection is stable, and  also need to confirm the proxy type with the proxy IP customer service.

(2) Some proxy IP addresses can be directly connected locally, some proxy IP addresses need to open a V.P.N locally, and some proxy IP addresses can only be used in overseas environments.

(3) The speed of the browser network depends on your proxy. VMLogin does not occupy the network speed and restricts the connection to any website, and supports all browser web platforms.