Reasons for IP and DNS are not in the Same Area

Reasons for IP and DNS are not in the same area in VMLogin:

1. The IP address is the unique IP address of a host, and the DNS server address is used for domain name resolution. Domain names are relative to websites, while IP is relative to networks. The country in which DNS is resolved depends on the system of the website, as one IP address can have DNS in multiple different regions.

When we enter a domain name in the address bar to jump to a certain page, after clicking Submit, the domain name server (DNS) will resolve our domain name. Generally, in order to access the website quickly, the DNS server with a faster response will be resolved first. As a result, the IP and DNS are not in the same region.

2. Because the IP database on each detection website is not updated in real-time, or the database used by the IP proxy is different from that used by the detection website, it will lead to the delay of some IP data.

In addition, the proxy IP server you use has been adjusted, and the IP database of the detection website is old, so the information will be unequal. The detection website is only a reference, and will not affect use.