Will the Browser be Deleted after the Package Expires?

1. The created browser configuration profiles and sub-accounts will be permanently saved.

2. When "Sync Settings" is enabled in the browser settings, all cached data, and cookies in the browser will be synchronized to the cloud center for permanent storage, subject to the last time the browser is closed to upload synchronized data. However, whether Cookies are effective depends on the policies of various platforms, not VMLogin.

3. The deleted profiles are kept in the recycle bin for 7 days. After 7 days, the system will automatically delete and cannot restore. If the recycle bin is full when deleting, the deleted browser will not enter the recycle bin, but will be deleted directly and cannot be restored.

4. Package recharge or renewal is effective immediately. If you do not need to continue to use the package, you can not renew the fee. When necessary, the fee will be renewed, and the time will be extended by one month from the date of renewal.