How to Download Extension/Plug into your Computer?

1. Install the extension you want to the browser.

For example: TrackOFF

Chrome web store -> Search bar -> Input TrackOFF -> Click TrackOFF -> Click "Add to Chrome" -> Click "Add extension" -> Added successfully

2. Find the plugin ID.

Chrome Extension management page -> Open "Developer mode" -> TrackOFF ID

3. Find the folder where the plugin is located.

The default location is:

C:\Users\"your user name"\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User

You can also find the Chrome installation location first, and then click "User Data" -> "Default"-> "Extensions". Or copy and paste the plug in ID on your computer to find its path.

4. Back to the Chrome Extension management page.

Click "Pack extension" -> Enter/select the extension root directory, the root directory of the TrackOFF extension is the folder named with the version number under the extension ID directory in the Extensions directory of Chrome just found. Its ID is 2.2_0.  -> Click "Pack extension" ->Click "OK".

5. Packed TrackOFF in CRX format.

6. You can also save it to ZIP format, then unzip it.

7. VMLogin browser batch-add Chrome plugins, please refer to :

"Batch add Chrome plugins" Text Tutorial

"Batch add Chrome plugins" Video Tutorial