Questions about Data Synchronization

Since each user has different needs, some users need to upload the cookie, history record, password, and other information of the browser profile to the cloud. Log in to the VMLogin account after reinstalling the computer system or on another computer, the previous browser state is still maintained.

VMLogin has a data synchronization function, which is closed by default and needs to be enabled by users according to their needs. Since the data will be uploaded and stored in encrypted form, users’ private data will not be leaked. The data will be automatically downloaded and synchronized when it is used next time.

Enabling different data sync settings will increase the time of browser profile loading and storing. For example, if you enabled the "Sync extension" function and installed a lot of plug-ins, it may prolong the time of opening and closing the browser, because the data flow to be synchronized is relatively large.

For details, please refer to "How to Synchronize Cached Cookies and other Information to other Computers?"