GoProxy Settings

Obtain the GoProxy Credentials:

1. Register an account on GoProxy.

2. Login to the GoProxy dashboard and buy proxy. New user can enjoy the free 7-day trial.

3. Get GoProxy Credentials and Copy it.

The IP address and port will vary: Depending on the type of proxies you're using. Refer to the following table for detailed information.

ProxyProxy typeIP addressPort
Residential ProxyHTTP or SOCKS5proxy.goproxy.com30000
Static Residential ProxyHTTP or SOCKS5a specific IP address (e.g,
Datacenter ProxyHTTP or SOCKS5a specific IP address (e.g,

VMLogin Browser Settings:

1. Download the latest version from VMLogin Official Website. (Support Free Trial)

2. Click "Create a new account" in the VMLogin client.

3. Within the VMLogin client, click "New browser profile" -> Basic configuration -> Enter a display name -> Click the "Setting proxy server" -> Enable proxy server.

4. Fill in the GoProxy Credentials (Proxy type, IP address, Port, Username, Password) -> Test Proxy.

5. Click the "Save" -> Save profile -> Launch the browser profile.

Note: VMLogin browser has no proxy IP service, users need to purchase proxy IP from a third party. Proxy-related tutorials are provided by third-party platforms and unrelated to the VMLogin. Users are strictly prohibited from using VMLogin to engage in any illegal and criminal activities, and users are responsible for the relevant responsibilities caused by using VMLogin.