Whether Support Using the Mobile Hotspot, Local V.P.N, V2 or S.S.R?

VMLogin supports using the mobile hotspot, V.P.N and S.S.R.

1. It can be used without setting "Proxy IP" in VMLogin browser settings;

2. The browser can only be opened singly and no more than once at the same time. Otherwise, the IP and network will be the same, resulting in the account being detected;

3. In the same browser, only one account of the same platform can be logged in, but multiple accounts of different platforms can be logged in at the same time.

For example: You have FB account 1, FB account 2, amazon account 1, Twitter account 1 

① You need to switch an IP line first, and then open a separate VMLogin browser, in which you can log in to FB account 1, amazon account 1, and Twitter account 1 to operate.

② If you want to log in to FB account 2, you need to close the browser of FB account 1, then switch to a new IP line, open a second VMLogin browser, and log in to FB account 2 to operate the business, and so on.