Is it Possible to Set up a Whitelist not to Access through a Proxy when a Proxy Server is Set up?

VMLogin browser can set a whitelist not to access through the proxy, support IP, and domain name settings.



If you use more expensive proxy traffic, you can use:


The traffic for releasing browser update components does not go through the proxy, which can save traffic costs.

1. Single browser setting:

New or edit browser configuration -> Other configurations -> Custom launch browser parameters -> Fill in  "parameters" and save.

2. Global add automatically:

a. All new browsers automatically add.

My account -> Preferences -> Custom launch browser parameters ->Fill in "parameters" and save.

b. Modify or add created browsers in batches

Select multiple browsers at the same time -> Right click and select "Batch edit selected profile"-> Navigator Settings -> Select "Edit" -> Fill in "parameters" and save.