Reasons for Proxy Network Test Failure when Launching the Browser

1. Check whether there is enough traffic or balance in the proxy IP account.

2. It is necessary to confirm what type of proxy IP is used and whether there is a username and password. The IP setting method of each proxy provider is different, please check whether the setting is correct;

3. Since many proxy IPs are time-efficient and instability, there will be a certain probability of failure. You can try several more times or change the IP address. If it still fails, please contact the customer service of the proxy provider.

4. In general, connection failure may be caused by the slow proxy network or the proxy IP failure.

5. Whether there is a restriction on the IP whitelist, whether it is necessary to add the local IP of the computer to the whitelist of the proxy background.

6. Whether there is a limit on the number of connected devices.

7. Sometimes after opening the webpage, it requires you to enter the username and password again.

This is usually due to the wrong username and password, or the IP does not have permission to use it. You can change the IP address or contact the proxy customer service.

8. VMLogin software has no network function and doesn’t occupy the network speed nor limit the connection to any websites. The network speed of the browser depends on the speed of the proxy IP, if not set proxy, then it will depend on the local network speed of the computer.

9. If the proxy test passes after changing to another proxy, but after opening the browser, there is no internet, for example, you may encounter the following errors:

"The site cannot be reached"
"Connection time-out"
"Bad gateway"

Please check whether your computer network environment is a domestic network environment:

① If it is a domestic network environment: please try it in a foreign network environment. Since the IP servers of some providers are overseas, you need to use it in an overseas environment, or open a VPN locally. Please confirm with the proxy provider customer service that your IP address belongs.

② If it is a foreign network environment, but still no internet, please contact the proxy provider customer service to know whether the country you are in can be directly connected, or whether you need to open a VPN.

③ If only cannot visit some websites, please contact the proxy provider's customer service to consult whether prohibit access to these websites.