Pia S5 Proxy Settings

1. Download Pia S5 Proxy, open the program to run after the download is complete.

2. Open the Pia S5 client and enter the account and password to log in. If you don't have an account, you can click here to register an account.

3. Filter proxy credentials: Search by country/state/city/IP/ISP/ZIP in the proxy list, click to start proxying.

4. Obtain the proxy IP and port, choose an IP address -> Right mouse button -> Forward port to proxy -> Choose a port number (40000/40001...).

5. Click the port forwarding list to view the detailed proxy parameters and copy them.

6. Open VMLogin Client -> New Browser -> Basic Settings -> Set Proxy Server.

7. Enable proxy server -> Proxy type select Socks 5 Proxy -> Enter the copied proxy credentials -> Click Check Network Test Proxy -> Save Settings.

VMLogin browser software itself has no proxy IP service, users need to purchase proxy IP from a third party. Proxy-related tutorials are provided by third-party platforms and are not related to the VMLogin. Users are strictly prohibited from using VMLogin to engage in any illegal and criminal activities, and users are responsible for the relevant responsibilities caused by using VMLogin.